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Pembrolizumab plus Chemotherapy in Advanced Endometrial Cancer

Chemo + IO may become the SOC for 1L treatment of met-endometrial adenoCa. For pembro + chemo, there was a 70% lower risk of disease progression in dMMR and a 46% lower risk in pMMR compared to placebo + chemo. For pMMR patients, the impact on 2L therapy responses will need to be considered carefully, as lenvantinib + pembro has been found to be superior to either agent alone after chemo.

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Neoadjuvant–Adjuvant or Adjuvant-Only Pembrolizumab in Advanced Melanoma

Interesting study showing a strong difference in EFS with neoadjuvant + adjuvant vs. adjuvant alone for stage III/IV melanoma. All patients had disease that was amenable to surgery; EFS at 24 months was 72% vs. 49% in favor of the neoadjuvant group. The hypothesis is that neoadjuvant therapy functionally inhibits the immune checkpoint before antitumor T-cells are surgically resected. This concept is also developing in other cancers, including NSCLC, breast and bladder cancers. This should affect clinical practice.

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