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Radical cystectomy versus trimodality therapy for muscle-invasive bladder cancer: a multi-institutional propensity score matched and weighted analysis

Retrospective review showing equivocal outcomes in cT2-T4N0 patients treated with radical cystectomy vs TURBT + chemoradiation. There were similar rates of neoadjuvant chemotherapy being given in both groups. Based on prospective data, the SOC remains cisplatin-based neoadjuvant chemo followed by radical cystectomy; however, trimodality therapy may not have worse outcomes, and it would be great to see a prospective head-to-head study.

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High-Dose Once-Daily Thoracic Radiotherapy in Limited-Stage Small-Cell Lung Cancer: CALGB 30610 (Alliance)/RTOG 0538

Twice-Daily radiation therapy is a long-standing SOC for LS-SCLC based upon improved OS in Intergroup0096, published nearly 25 years ago in 1999. This study compared 45 Gy at 1.5 Gy/fx BID vs. 45 Gy at 1.8 Gy/day. This regimen, however, has been slow to be adopted due to the inconvenience of BID therapy, as well as the modest radiation dose in control arm.

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